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welcome to HUSH beauty: the web’s newest beauty blog for product reviews, beauty events, celebrity beauty and more

Welcome to HUSH Beauty. a brand-new beauty blog filled with beauty product reviews, cosmetics, celebrity beauty, beauty events, makeup tips and more. Photo copyright HUSH Beauty.

We here at The HUSH Group are finally making our dreams a reality with this first post in our flagship blog, HUSH Beauty — the newest resource on the web for product reviews, celebrity beauty, beauty events, hair products, skincare, cosmetics and more. We are so excited to share our love of makeup and glamour with all of you here on the web.

My name is Amanda and I have been a complete makeup junkie since my awkward days of middle school. I have tried, used and abused so many different products over the years and I am finally combining my knowledge of the beauty world with my skills as a writer/editor (I hold a minor in journalism and I am continuing my studies in a master’s program next year for a degree in public relations/communications).

My best friend, Shiren, the business-minded half of our duo, came to me with her idea for a web-based company that would be a resource for all things beauty. She named the company The HUSH Group and now we are well on our way to achieving our dream of a girly web network, all starting with this blog right here.

I, personally, have tried so many different beauty products — from high-end names to drugstore brands — that I honestly believe I am an extremely reputable source when it comes to product reviews, tips, tricks and more. I am constantly scouring department stores, drug stores and websites for the latest beauty finds and I try to stay in the loop as much as I can on events, gifts, sales and everything in-between.

We hope you enjoy our place on the web and return often for the latest in beauty finds, buys, steals, deals, reviews, trends, how-tos and more. In the near future, we will be building HUSH Fashion and HUSH Jewelry, the latter being a jewelry-based subscription service. Stay tuned for more info. and visit back often to join us on our journey through the blogosphere.


Amanda &  Shiren

The HUSH Group. Copyright The HUSH Group, 2012.


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