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one high-end “splurge” product, plus one comparable cheaper product (a “save”), and an even lower-priced comparable product, a “steal.”

splurge/save/steal: metallic cosmetic cases in jewel-toned holiday colors from $1 to $45

Metallic cases makeup cases review. Target cosmetic cases, Neiman Marcus cosmetic cases, Sephora cosmetic cases. Buy metallic cosmetic cases. Photo copyright HUSH Beauty 2012.

Metallic cosmetic cases from Target. Photo copyright HUSH Beauty 2012.

I picked up these metallic cosmetic pouches the other day at Target in the $1 section and knew I had to write about them in my first Splurge/Save/Steal post. These posts will highlight three similar items in three different price ranges: a low-priced item, an item in the middle and a high-priced item. I am often able to find a cheaper version of a coveted beauty product, so I will write about my finds in this category and the items I feature here will always be desirable no matter what the price range.

So I popped into my local Target the other day to find these pretty, shiny cosmetic cases as soon as I walked in the store over in the $1 section (usually located by the front door). I love the holiday season because that means sparkly and shiny trends in makeup products and accessories. These bags fit right in for the upcoming 2012 holiday season. I have found similar metallic cases at Sephora that cost a little more (they’re on sale for $7 to $10) and, if you want to “splurge,” Neiman Marcus carries their own metallic makeup bags for $45.

THE STEAL ($1): Set of two shiny, metallic makeup cases from Target for $1 (pictured above). This set comes with one large pouch in a light rose-pink color and one small pouch in a bright purple. The pouches are roomy enough for any staple items you may carry with you on a day-to-day basis. I filled up the smaller pouch with a couple of mascaras, a bunch of small perfume samples and a bottle of hand sanitizer. The larger pouch is roomy enough for a compact or two (highlighter, blush, bronzer), a couple of eyeshadows and even some brushes. At $1 for a set of two, you really can’t go wrong. You can’t find these pouches online at, so I would go check out your local Target store if you want to grab a set (I’m not sure if every Target carries them right now). Remember, they are in the $1 section at the front of the store, where they usually have small seasonal items at super-low prices. ($1, Target)

Sephora Metallic Cases on sale. Buy metallic cosmetic bags for the 2012 holiday season in shimmering colors. Photo courtesy of Sephora.

Sephora Collection Metallic Cosmetic Bags. Photo courtesy of Sephora.

THE SAVE ($7-$9): I found these cosmetic cases (above) at in similar holiday metallic colors and -guess what- they’re on sale! These bags are larger than the pouches I bought at Target; the pink Sephora Collection bag is a bit smaller than the blue. The pink cylinder bag is perfect for holding liners and brushes, while the domed bag can hold even more products, be used as storage, or even be carried around as a small purse. The metallic finish on these bags fit in perfectly with any shimmery holiday collection. ($7-$9, Sephora)

Jane Marvel Metallic Cosmetic Bag from Neiman Marcus. Perfect for the 2012 holiday season, metallic cosmetic cases. Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

Jane Marvel Metallic Cosmetic Bag from Neiman Marcus. Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

THE SPLURGE ($45): For those of you who don’t mind spending the extra money, here are the metallic cosmetic cases from Neiman Marcus. They come in three glimmering colors and are perfect homes for any of your cosmetics. These bags open to two plastic lined compartments so you can fit anything from brushes to hair products to makeup and moisturizers. They are the perfect travel companion for all of your beauty needs, made of canvas with a glitter inlay. ($45, Neiman Marcus)